Sun Valley Stereo, Inc. in Phoenix, AZ

Sun Valley Stereo has been in business since 1978. Since then, it has remained in the same location and with the same owner. Car audio was simple back then as were the cars. However, things have changed and have become more challenging. Our employees work hard to stay at the top with technology as it changes. For 40 plus years, Sun Valley Stereo has worked hard to provide only the very best for our customers. For many years, Sun Valley Stereo did little to advertise but to rely on customers’ word of mouth satisfaction. Today, online reviews have raised the bar in communicating customer satisfaction. The reviews have been very good to us, and we are very proud of them. Our reviews speak for our work and dedication. We run a small crew that is NOT paid on commission. Therefore, we do not sell you what is good for us but what is good for you.

We guarantee our work with a lifetime warranty on our installations.

Thanks for checking us out. We are excited to meet you.

Sun Valley Stereo | 2809 E Thomas Rd, Phoenix, Arizona 85016 | Phone: 602-957-3397

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