Rear Seat Entertainment in Phoenix, AZ

Below are items we carry:

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Headrest Monitors

  • 7 inch
  • 9 inch

Overhead Monitorsalpine dvd

  • 12.1 inch
  • 13 inch


  • PKG-RSE3DVD-DVD rear seat entertainment package (10.2 inch overhead monitor)

AudiovoxCopy of avx dvd

  • AVXMTG10UA-10 inch over head widescreen LED backlit monitor/DVD player with built-in dome lights
  • AVXMTG13UA-13.3 inch over head LED backlit monitor with built-in DVD player
  • MTG13UHD-13.3 inch digital high def overhead monitor system with dvd and HD inputs
  • AVXMTGHR9HD-9 inch Headrest DVD monitor system with HDMI inputs
  • MTGHRD1-7 inch Head rest DVD monitor system with HDMI inputs

BOSSCopy of avx dvd

  • bv12.1mch-12.1 widescreen over head monitor built in DVD player, includes interchangeable housing colors and dual channel wireless headphones


  • ALPINE SHS-N106-Wireless Headphones

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