Apple CarPlay for Tempe, AZ

Sun Valley Stereo has a large inventory of car stereos, parts, and assorted car accessories to make your car safe, fun, and secure. Learn more about the parts we have in our store.

  • Head Units — Choose from a large variety of different car stereos to install in your car. Sun Valley Stereo, Inc. includes the latest in car stereo technology with most of the major brands. Whether you want to listen to favorite artists via satellite radio, CD player, smart phone, mp3, or Bluetooth, we have the car stereo to meet your listening needs.
  • Speakers — Make your music as loud or as soft as you want. With a variety of different speakers, we can install them and help turn your car into a shaking boom box or a driving haven.
  • Amplifiers — Match your speakers with clean, powerful sound with an amplifier. Sun Valley Stereo has a large assortment of amplifiers for you to choose from.
  • Subwoofers & Enclosures — Make that bass sound right with quality subwoofers. Make sure to install your subwoofers in a solid enclosure. We build most of our boxes right here at Sun Valley Stereo. Custom enclosures are a specialty here.
  • Alarms — Keep your car safe with a variety of alarms and features. Sun Valley Stereo has a selection of top brand-name alarms to scare off would-be car thieves.
  • Rear Seat Entertainment — Stay entertained with rear seat entertainment. We have a selection of overhead and headrest monitors from leading brands to keep the kids and adults all accommodated during long road trips.
  • Accessories — Complete your car with our great technological advanced accessories. From batteries to Bluetooth and from GPS to rear view cameras, Sun Valley Stereo has the accessories to make your car the envy of the neighborhood.

Call us at (602) 957-3397 or visit our store for car stereo products in Phoenix, AZ!

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