Protect Your Car with Car Alarms in Phoenix, AZ

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We carry factory keyless upgrade, keyless entry, remote start, remote start with keyless entry, security with keyless entry, and security.

The brands and models below we carry.

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Code Alarm

  • ca2051
  • ca3051CA6550_MED
  • ca5053
  • ca1153
  • ca1554
  • ca5153SST
  • ca6154
  • ca6554


    Copy of clifford two waycliford

  • 3305X
  • 5305X


  • 4205P
  • 5706P
  • 5806P
  • 3305P

Python Smart Start

  • PS5000
  • 4X10
  • 5X10
  • DSM250

Alarm Accessories

  • Replacement aftermarket car alarm remotes
  • Car alarm remote batteries
  • Window roll up module
  • Mechanical sirens
  • Radar sensor
  • Rear shock sensor
  • Tilt sensor

Street EagleSEtrackinglogo

  • Advanced GPS vehicle tracking with 24-hour real time monitoring and protection

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