Stereo Information from Sun Valley Stereo, Inc. in Phoenix, AZ

1. If I install a new stereo, can I still use my steering wheel controls?

Yes, but you need to purchase an extra part which retains steering wheel control functions when replacing the factory radio.

2. Can I add iPod or auxiliary input connections to my existing receiver?

Yes. There is a solution for nearly every vehicle out there.

3. Will my aftermarket products void my vehicle warranty?

A dealer cannot void your warranty simply because an aftermarket part has been installed in your vehicle.

4. What is your warranty?

We offer a lifetime warranty on our installations as long as you own the vehicle.

5. Why is an alarm beneficial?

By having an alarm installed in your vehicle, you are deterring thieves from choosing your vehicle. All of our alarms come with a flashing LED that lets thieves know you have an alarm which is usually enough to scare them off. If the thieves choose to ignore the warning sign and proceed to break into your vehicle, our alarms come with a shock sensor. The shock sensor sets the alarm off if a window is broken or a door or hood of the car is opened. A siren will sound and your parking lights will flash. Our alarms also come with a starter disable. Our car alarms come with a lifetime warranty on the alarm and our installation.

6. Do we have package deals?

A set package doesn’t fit all vehicles, so come on down and our salesman will put a package together that fits your needs.

7. Do you install merchandise bought elsewhere?

Yes, call for pricing.

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